Winter Lazy Day Essentials

The roads are icy, the sky is a constant shade of grey, and the trees are desolate and bare: it's officially hibernation season. This time of year is definitely not my favorite, but my inner homebody loves that it is an excuse to stay in and treat every Saturday like a lazy day. Once the weekends roll around, the last thing I want to do is deal with the cold and ice--I'd much rather relax at home with a warm beverage and piles of cozy blankets. Sounds heavenly right?
From the Desk of Lindsey

From the Desk of Lindsey

Lindsey works in our home offices here in Milwaukee as a Dresses Buyer. She is the gal behind our amazing line of dresses in our stores and online, and whose style and expertise we rely on to get our customers (including us!) dress-ed for any occasion. She is always busy at work, leading her team from start to finish to get an amazing product hung up and ready for you! Her fashion sense is out-out-this-world and always dresses with polish and poise. Her style makes you rush to channel your inner fashionista, and attempt to pull off an outfit she wore! She picked a few of her favorite things on our website, check those out above! Below, read more about her day-to-day life at Bon-Ton, and what she finds joy in....get inspired!
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