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From the Desk of Alissa

Alissa Quinn works at our home offices here in Milwaukee as a Digital Media Coordinator. With recent added responsibilities with her role, she is a true asset to the company! Alissa works behind the scenes to make sure we are on our A-game when it comes to digital presence. She works with various vendors to support anything from store wide sales to beauty initiatives, to overall company support. Her hard work is paying off, and is helping us stay relevant in an ever evolving digital space. She is a hard worker, and anyone who crosses her path can see she puts her all in whatever she does. Alissa's personality not only shines through her work, but also through her style and wardrobe. She has a super cool, edgy style that she rocks with confidence. She knows what she likes, from head to toe!
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10 Gifts for the Fitness Lover

Shopping for early morning runners, leg day champs and spin class babes can be a snap. I feel like every time I turn around, there are awesome new health and gym products to be found: fitness trackers, juicers, super fashionable workout gear. It can be hard to know what’s on the top of the list for those up in the gym working on their fitness. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the top gifts for athletic types.
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Athleisure Fever

I'm a big fan of any look that touts both comfort and style, which is why the athleisure trend is a huge winner in my book. Athlesuire pieces are categorized as trendy sportswear that can seamlessly take you from pilates to happy hour, without looking like you just hit the gym for an hour (no baggy gym shorts in sight!).
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