Goodwill Success Story: Caroyln

Goodwill Sale season is in full swing! I did a TON of spring cleaning, donated a couple bags of old clothes and shoes, and received a purse full of coupons in return. Today, we bring you another Goodwill® Success Story featuring Carolyn. Goodwill® gave Carolyn the boost she needed to get back in the job field by providing her with classes she could take to improve her skill set. Check out her full story below.

Goodwill Success Story: Traynece

The Goodwill Sale is officially ON! While cleaning out your closet and shopping for a new spring wardrobe is great, it's important to remember why we participate in the Goodwill Sale in the first place. Our Success Story series gives you an opportunity to catch a glimpse into the stories of some of the very deserving individuals whom the Goodwill® has serviced. Today, meet Traynece.

Goodwill Success Story: Steve

Goodwill Sale season is back! It is our honor to bring you a new series of success stories, to inspire and remind you what this sale is all about: the beneficiaries of the Goodwill®. Check out the video below, profiling Steve from Omaha. Goodwill® helped Steve acquire a basic human right that is often overlooked and under appreciated: his independence. We wish you continued success, Steve!
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Goodwill Success Story: Bridget

Today, we bring you another inspiring Goodwill Success Story--this time, we are sharing Bridget's story. Bridget is a smart young woman who earned an Associate's degree in Business Technology, despite being deaf. She communicates using sign language and English, and was referred to Goodwill’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to strengthen her employment skills. Bridget was placed in the Customer Service/Retail Training, where she received instruction and internship experience at Walgreens. Following her internship, she was hired to work part-time. Walgreens was so impressed with Bridget's proactive work ethic that they increased her job responsibilities and gave her more work hours.
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