Being Thankful the #LoveStyle Way

On Thanksgiving Day, it’s tradition to recall what you’re thankful for and to count all of your blessings. Today, we #LoveStyle bloggers do the same thing.

What Jordan is thankful for.

Now, perhaps more than ever, I am thankful for my boyfriend, Parker.

My life is chaos. I travel. I multitask. I am generally working on 17 things at one time. And I love it. But you cannot maintain a busy work life without a grounded home life. When I’m thousands of miles away, I can smile because I know he’s there, he loves me. He’s taking care of our puppy and our cat, and making sure the apartment doesn’t start on fire. And when I am at home, he tends to my unwieldy locks (ah, the perks of dating a hair stylist.) Plus, he fully supports my COACH handbag and Michael Kors jewelry obsession. All with a beautiful mind, a gorgeous face and a heart of gold. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What Florida is thankful for.

I am thankful for one-of-a-kind relationships. I couldn’t imagine life without my amazing family and close friends. Meet Linda Gomoll, one of my BFFs! We started a fashion business together more than two decades ago and although we are continents apart, she has to be “in the know.” She’s stylish and caring in her own special way. She has always been there for me. My husband says we are like an old married couple. Maybe a little, but she’s more like a sister in my eyes. When she enters a room, she lights it up and she is the queen of entertaining. In honor of all of my family and friends during this season of gratitude and giving, I thought these brilliant crystal wine glasses would be appropriate for a toast.

From the day I met Linda, her Italian grandmother Nonna shared these words, “Salute, soldi, amore, e il tempo di goderli.”  In English: “Here’s to health, wealth, love and time to enjoy them.”

What Chelsea is Thankful for.

This Thanksgiving I’m extra thankful for love. Unconditional love. The kind of love your dog has for you when you’ve had a long day and all she wants is to give you extra kisses. The kind of love that gets your family through a tough battle with cancer. The love you feel when you are surrounded by your best friends and can’t stop giggling over a glass of wine. The kind of love that’s right there with you when you’re snuggled up with your boyfriend watching your favorite television show. Even the kind of love and gratefulness that comes with being able to buy a new cozy sweater to keep you toasty through the winter. It’s a beautiful thing to have an abundance of love in your life, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

What Abi is thankful for.

I’m thankful for my hubby to keep me smiling, my friends to keep me laughing, the #LoveStyle blog to give me something to look forward to each and every day, and when all else fails – chocolate.

What Lisa is Thankful for.

I count myself fortunate in so many ways, but perhaps what I’m most thankful for is my family full of amazing women. I’ve got the best mom in the world, two sisters, cousins, aunts and great-aunts who are flat out amazing. They are independent, encouraging and immensely talented. And when it comes to attitude and a sense of humor, these ladies have it in the bag – maybe this fabulous one from Fossil®. Everyone should be so lucky to be surrounded by incredibly women like this.

P.S. To my dad and fiancé Michael, I’m thankful for you too!

And beyond our families and loved ones, we are also thankful to our readers! We are so happy that we get to share our favorite products, passions and stories with you. On behalf of the whole #LoveStyle team: Happy Thanksgiving!

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