Lisa’s Top 10 Black Friday Deals

For most, Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season, but for planners like me it’s the home stretch. My goal each year is to finish up all my Christmas shopping by the first week of December – call me crazy. When Black Friday rolls around I follow a game plan and pick up all those big-ticket items I’ve been eying for less.

This year, like always, I’ve got a list a mile long – it’s all part of coming from a big family – and I still have to pick up something for almost everyone. Here’s part of my Santa-style list.

Lisa's Top 10 Black Friday Deals

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  1. Ruff Hewn Dutch Oven: It’s surprising that a master cook like my mom doesn’t have this kitchen essential. When I saw this in the Black Friday book, I knew I had to scoop this up for her. It’s perfect for making those hearty winter meals and comfort foods, and the savings are huge. You can pick up this 5-quart cast iron casserole for 39.97, regularly $140.
  2. Cuddl Duds®: I think every year my sister Angela asks for a new pair of Cuddl Duds®, and can you blame her? These extra layers keep you warm without the bulk and come in all different styles and fabrics to suit your needs. This year I’m going to snag her another pair – they are 50% off after all.
  3. Home Brewing Kit: Who doesn’t love a little something fun and unexpected for Christmas? This year I’m going to pick up this home brewing kit for my brother-in-law Joe. It comes with the basics for brewing your own beer for 19.97, originally $60. And while I’m at it, I’m going to pick up some pint glasses to complete the gift. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun one!
  4. Leisure Eclipse Hardside Luggage: My sister Heather is a word class traveler. She’s gone from Turkey to the Netherlands to the Caribbean and beyond, so you can bet that she needs luggage that keeps up with her. I think this hardside luggage is just the ticket for her future adventures. It’s roomy, lightweight and has four spinning wheels for easy transport. You can pick up three different sizes for 39.97-49.97, regularly $160-$200.
  5. Holiday Décor: While I’m out shopping, I may as well pick up some decorations and ornaments to make my home feel like Christmas – and for a bargain at 60% off. I’ve had my eye one this decorative polar bear for a while and think he’d look great sitting next to my fireplace. And I love these rustic wooden stars by LivingQuarters.
  6. Pyrex® Snowflake Pans: I plan on grabbing both of these great Pyrex® items – a 9’x13″ glass baking pan and a 9″ pie pan both with decorative snowflake baskets – for my Aunt Mary. She’s an amazing baker who makes cookies and pies so good that my friends talk about them years later. You can find each of these on sale for 9.97, regularly $32 each.
  7. LivingQuarters Heated Blanket: If my cousin Becca had her way, her house would be 80º all winter long. Since that’s not exactly practical, I found the perfect workaround for her: this LivingQuarters heated blanket. It’s perfectly cozy on the outside and is designed to keep you warm all night (or all day snuggled on the couch). You can pick up the twin size for 39.97, regularly $180; also available in full, queen and king at similar savings.
  8. Ruff Hewn and John Bartlett Consensus Flannel Shirts: Let me start by saying what a great deal this is. There’s no beating buy one, get two free. You also can’t beat how much my fiancé will love a few new flannels in his closet, especially this black and white buffalo plaid one. These shirts will take him from winter hikes to cocoa by the tree.
  9. ASICS® Athletic Shoes: I’ll be the first to say that I didn’t exactly inherit the sporty gene in my family, but thankfully my Aunt Debby has enough athletic ability for the both of us. This Christmas I’m picking her up a new pair of ASICS® athletic shoes for 25% off. I love this bright white and orange pair.
  10. Ruff Hewn LED Slap Light: My dad is a longtime camper and happens to have every outdoorsy trinket known to man – except this one. These LED slap bracelets are the perfect for lighting your way while keeping your hands free. I know he’s going to love this one, and it’s a steal: now 6.97, regularly $20.

This has got me in the holiday shopping mood. I’m ready to pick these perfect gifts up, and I can’t wait for my family to open them Christmas morning. Hopefully this list inspires you to grab a one or two of these picks for your family and friends.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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