Just Peachy: Sweet Peach Iced Tea


blog-divider8Our picnic today was just peachy, thanks to the sweet & charming addition of a pitcher of Sweet Peach Caffeine-Free Rishi Iced Tea. This tea keeps it simple & only has three key ingredients: Organic honeybush, organics peaches & natural peach flavor.

To start, we rounded up some organic peaches and cut them up with our favorite Chicago Cutlery Vivid Knife Set & Bodum Cutting Board. The night before our picnic, we then set out to attempt the cold-brew method and loved the small effort but big payoff this easy breezy summer tea had to offer. The next morning, we opened our fridge to discover a vivid, beautiful colored tea with rich flavors of peach. We added ice, a slice of fresh peach and were eager to share what we brewed up! (Read below for more detailed brewing instructions)

We found these cute Libbey glasses to serve our tea in and this picnic worthy Fiesta Dinnerware pitcher. With our tea in hand, the sun in the sky & grass between our toes we were quite content! If you’re looking for a punch of taste, with no added sugar, this really is the perfect summer drink & we hope you’ll give it a try. Cheers!




Sweet Peach Iced Tea

Caffeine Free // Herbal

Brewing Guidelines for Hot Brew

  1.  Add 1 bag to 32-oz pitcher
  2.  Add 16-oz of boiling water
  3.  Steep for 5 minutes then remove tea bag
  4.  Add 16-oz of cold water
  5.  Add cut up peaches to pitcher & glassware for flavor and presentation (optional)
  6.  Pour over ice & enjoy!


Brewing Guidelines for Cold Brew

  1.  Add 32-oz of cold, filtered water
  2.  Refrigerate 8-12 hours
  3.  Remove tea bag
  4.  Add cut up peaches to pitcher & glassware for flavor and presentation  (optional)
  5.  Serve fresh over ice & enjoy!

Fun fact: The base for this Rishi blend is wild honeybush, so-named for the charming, honey-like aroma of the plant while growing. Indigenous to South Africa’s Western Cape, it’s one of about 6,200 plants unique to the region’s Cederburg Mountain ecosystem.

Visit Rishi Tea for more tea & recipes!

Photos by: Dan Herda

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