Cheeky graphics, punchy prints, bright colors, and adorable accessories: has arrived!

One of our newest brand launches,, has officially arrived in stores and online and we’re pretty excited about it. Their line of cheeky graphic totes, brightly colored pencils, and adorable stationary scream “girl power” and actually have us looking forward to writing in a notebook. Funny what a motivational quote can do, right? After all, we need pencils and phone cases anyway, so we might as well inject a little color into necessity. Personally, I work better and am more motivated when I have cute accessories and stationary, and I know I’m not alone. When my planner has a fun design, I’m more likely to keep an organized calendar…which in turn leads to an organized life!

Are you ready to add a little fun into your life? Whether you need (or want!) a new coffee mug, gym bag, or tote, we have the perfect item for you. Check out our faves:


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  1. Enamel Pin: Jazz up a plain denim jacket with a pin; we love this “here comes the fun” one!
  2. Colored Pens: Writing is more fun with a multi-colored pen set. It’s science, we’re pretty sure.
  3. Ombre Notebook: Our biggest nightmare? Coming up with a fabulous idea, and having nowhere to write it down – eeks! This mini one will fit in any sized purse.
  4. Cheeky Tumbler: Our preferred vehicle for our morning joe is a tumbler with a cute quote. This one fits the bill!
  5. Tell-It-Like-It-Is Tote: The perfect reusable tote for those times when you, you know, just don’t want to be bothered…because sometimes you need to make a grocery store run in peace.
  6. Confetti Phone Case: You use your phone everyday, so you might as well have a phone case that evokes happiness! Confetti always does the trick.
  7. Pizza Gym Bag: We don’t always go to the gym, but when we do, there’s always pizza at the end of it…because #balance.

We know what you’re all thinking: “I need in my life!!” That’s pretty much the standard reaction. We’re happy we could introduce you to this fabulously colorful brand. Share your purchases with us on Instagram using #bontonstyle!

Ariana – Blogger
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