You Can Do It: Fabulous Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs 1

When it comes to fashion and décor, I love a good pop of color. The same holds true for holidays, and is why coloring Easter eggs is one of my favorite springtime traditions.

This year, my friend and #LoveStyle designer, Kellie invited me over to dye eggs with her family. Since Kellie has an artistic eye and I’ve got a knack for DIY, you can bet that these weren’t your ordinary eggs.

I’m going to show you a few new methods for creating something a little eggstrordinary, but first let’s start with the essentials.

Easter-Egg Making Essentials:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Food coloring
  • White vinegar
  • Hot water
  • Ceramic mugs

For your basic egg dyes, combine two teaspoons of vinegar, hot water and approximately 20 drops of food coloring in your mugs. We used these springy cappuccino mugs from LivingQuarters. These worked perfectly because then can hold two eggs – that means when eager kiddos all want to use orange at the same time, they can.

Easter Eggs 2Once we got our dyes in order, Kellie and I raided our craft supplies and went to town. Armed with glitter, glue, crayons and some rubber cement, we developed a few easy but fun techniques the whole family could recreate.

3 Easter Egg Styles

1.) Classic Easter Eggs

Before getting crazy with patterns and glitter, we got our feet (err, eggs) wet with simple dye and a few crayons. We used brown and white eggs for a broader range of color. Dipping brown eggs makes for more understated hues. And the crayons? You know that old standby where you draw your favorite designs, like Kellie’s kids did, and then have them revealed after the eggs have been dyed.

Easter Eggs 5 Easter Eggs 6Pro tip for dying with little ones: Slip the egg into the cage of a whisk. It makes dunking easy and prevents dye (and eggs) from getting everywhere. And have plenty of dishcloths on hand just in case (we love these microfiber ones from Ritz™ for little spills and drying eggs).

Easter Eggs 7


2.) Glitter Easter Eggs

The basic eggs looked, great, but sometimes you want fabulous Easter eggs, and nothing screams fabulous more than glitter. To get the perfect disco ball eggs, just coat the egg in a wash of Mod Podge (a white glue and warm water mixture works too) and shake on a light coat of glitter. You can coat the whole egg or paint on a pattern. Either way, the results were super fun.

Easter Eggs 9 Easter Eggs 8


3.) Two-Tone Easter Eggs

Working with an artistic family, you can’t stop with a little glitter. We gave this batik-style method a whirl. Simply drizzle rubber cement in a random pattern over your egg. Once it’s dry, dunk it in the dye. When you’re satisfied with the color and the egg has dried, peel away the rubber to reveal your pattern. You can leave as is or dip in a coordinating color for a different two-toned effect. This was the most popular technique at our eggstravaganza (what else would you call an egg dyeing party?).

Easter Eggs 10 Easter Eggs 11


After coloring three dozen eggs, we were covered in glitter and dye, but we had this beautiful selection to display. Don’t you just love how the deviled egg tray works so well to show off all the designs (a few candy accents don’t hurt either)?

Easter Eggs 3


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