Top 11 Things to Donate to the Goodwill® Sale

Get ready--the Goodwill Sale starts TODAY! Check out the top 11 items Goodwill® is looking for this season.

It’s that time again! The Goodwill Sale is in full swing today and there’s no better time to donate your gently used clothing and textiles and score some great deals on new spring items, all while benefiting an organization that empowers and gives opportunities to deserving individuals. The Goodwill Sale is definitely an exciting time, but do you ever find yourself wondering which items you should donate in exchange for some shiny coupons? Goodwill® will gladly take any of your gently used clothing, shoes, and household items, but right now they are especially looking for the following 11 things. If any of these items are lying around your house and not getting the love they deserve, bag it up, bring it over to your local Bon-Ton store (click here to find the store near you!) and turn it into an opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of Goodwill beneficiaries!


Are you ready to make a difference? Stop by your local Bon-Ton store between March 9-26 and receive a coupon for 25% off nearly everything in store (15% off cosmetics). Learn more about the Goodwill Sale and how you can enter to win a wardrobe makeover worth $15,000 here!

Ariana – Blogger
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