Gifts for Mom on the Go

Gifts for mom who is always on the run!

We all know her – the mom who seems to do accomplish a million and one things in one day, while still managing to drop the kids off at practice and serve dinner at 6:30 pm on the dot without breaking a nail. Some moms can’t help but wonder, “what’s her secret?!” No, she doesn’t have superpowers – rather, she knows the importance of shortcuts and time-savers. Five minutes here and ten minutes there can really add up over the course of a day. And thirty extra minutes, to a mother, can mean the world! If your mom is always on the go, or needs to incorporate some time-saving tricks into her own life, look no future than this gift guide:


Charging Wallet: Who has time to sit down and charge their phone these days? Not moms on the go, that’s for sure! This wallet comes with a rechargeable battery that will charge mom’s phone while she’s shopping for the week’s groceries. Talk about multitasking!

Stainless Steel Tumbler: Mom can keep this tumbler next to her Keurig every morning for piping hot coffee that stays hot all day, thanks to this innovative tumbler from Kate Spade.

Slip-On Sneakers: Mom on the go can’t be bothered with tying laces or zipping zippers – time is valuable! A pair of fashionable slip ons will keep mom on schedule and on-trend.

Blue Visor: Not everyday can be a good hair day, mostly because time won’t allow for it for busy moms. A bright blue visor will shield the sun from skin-harming rays and tame less-than-perfect hair. Bonus: it adds a touch of athleisure to a basic tshirt-and-leggings ensemble.

Portable Perfume: These slim pen sprays are a gift from the heavens for busy moms. Often she won’t remember to put on a scent until she’s already left home – that’s when this little guy comes in handy. Tip: it will fit perfectly inside the charging wallet I mentioned above!

Smart Watch: The ultimate item in gift-giving: the smart watch. This watch does it all, from alerting mom to text messages, to tracking her steps. It will keep her on schedule, life, fitness, & beyond!

This list just touches on my favorite gifts for moms on the go, but be sure to check out our FULL guide here! You’ll be sure to find the perfect gift (or two) for your busy mom.

Ariana – Blogger
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