From the Desk Of: Laura

eCommerce Merchandise Specialist, Laura Lindh, shares a few of her favorite things and her love for fashion, Snapchat and plants!

From the Desk of Laura Lindh

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Laura Lindh works at our home offices here in Milwaukee as an eCommerce Merchandise Specialist. She works tirelessly to ensure our website has the best products up and ready to be bought by you, our customers! She has a crucial role in the entire process, and has a pretty cool job, getting to see the latest and greatest styles come through the pipe line before they hit the floors.

Laura’s style is spot on, making her a major style guru around our offices. Her hard working personality and overall sense of fashion makes her an unforgettable part of the overall team!

She in an inspiration to us, not only in fashion, but for making the most of each day. She loves her city and friends, and squeezes every ounce out of each day. We asked her a few questions about work and life–check out her answers below!

 Q&A with Laura:

What do your days look like at Bon-Ton?

I work with the most awesome eCommerce Operations team. As an eCommerce Merchandising Specialist, I work as the “middle-man” as you would say, of buying offices and pre-media for styles that need to go online. The thing I like about my job is that I get to see a lot of styles before they go online, or even get to the store. ALMOST every day, me and my friend Kourtney, will go get Starbucks in the morning (I know, it’s bad). That said, I also do belong to the Style Committee, which is VERY exciting! I get to be a part of projects which cater my passion, collaborate with people from different departments, and work on things that I am extremely passionate about!

What are some activities you love doing on the weekends? At night after work?

I love working out, or I try to. That’s something I usually do after work, weekends are for relaxing and brunching. Me and my roommate usually brunch on Sundays, it’s almost like a tradition. Otherwise, my weekends will consist of catching up with my favorite magazines, like BAZAAR and VOGUE. I tear off the latest trends every month and hang them in my office cubicle for some inspo to keep me up-to date :) One thing I’m a HUGE nerd about is social media marketing…I will do research about the latest trends, or read some of my favorite marketing blogs to stay up to date on what’s happening in the digital world.

Also – I am big Snapchat fan! People might say I snap too much (I disagree). My friends call me “the girl who snapped everything”, it’s a big weekend “hobby” of mine and also during the week.

What is a new hobby of yours that you are loving?

Alright, a new hobby I have adopted lately is plants. You know how there is that “cat lady” stereotype, well I think I might be the “plant lady”. My old roommate gave me her plants because she knew she would kill them, and I have proudly kept them alive and actually got them into a better shape! I really put effort into all of the plants we have at the apartment because let’s be honest, no one else really cares. Now as I am saying this I am starting to realize how much of a “plant lady” I really am.

  • From the Desk of Laura
  • From the Desk of Laura
  • From the Desk of Laura
  • From the Desk of Laura
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