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Nothing says "I love you, mom!" more than a sparkling piece of fine jewelry. Not sure how to shop? Check out our guide!

Let’s face it – nobody goes shopping for a Mother’s Day gift wanting to get something “average” for mom. You want a gift as special as her, something that sparkles and glows, just like she does. If you’re looking for a gift with serious wow-factor, then look no further than our Fine Jewelry department. Never shopped for fine jewelry? We understand that you may have questions about the right kind of gift for mom, or if you can fit it into your budget. In order to navigate the world of fine jewelry with ease, we sat down with a seasoned fine jewelry associate, Sarah, to answer some questions we had on how to pick the right piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day. Check out some of our favorite pieces below, and scroll down for the Q&A!


Ariana: Hi Sarah, thanks for sitting down with me today. Every season in fashion, we follow certain trends and styles. For example, cold shoulder is huge for spring. What are the biggest trends in the fine jewelry world right now?

Sarah: Our 3 biggest trend focuses this season and for Mother’s Day gifting especially are diamond earrings, colored gemstones and pearls. Diamonds and pearls are tried-and-true classics that every woman should have in her jewelry box, but our selection focuses on reinventing them with a modern twist for the contemporary mom. For example, our gorgeous Effy Freshwater Pearl Necklace is simple and elegant, yet different from the classic string of pearls. And ringing it at only $129.98, it’s a great option for someone on a budget (more on budget buys later!). Diamond earrings are a staple that every woman should have, a cornerstone of the jewelry box if you will. Because they’re such an investment piece, it’s okay to splurge and treat mom to a really special pair. The ones I always recommend to customers are the Effy .32 ct Diamond Earrings, because they will never go out of style, and are a great size for everyday wear.

A: Great, thanks for all that information! Tell me a bit more about colored gemstones.

S: Semi-precious colored gemstones are a fun option for the mom who loves splashes of color, or can never decide on just one. I also love recommending this jewelry option to moms who don’t wear a lot of color in their clothing, and are looking for classy ways to incorporate new hues. We see a lot of customers come in and purchase jewelry in the mother’s birthstone, however not every woman loves the color of her birthstone – which is totally fine! My favorite piece right now is the Effy Lazuli Lapis Necklace; the rich blue stones will complement any woman’s natural beauty. Another great thing about this blue is that it works for every season.

A: That necklace is gorgeous – I want one! Does the fine jewelry department have options for individuals or families who still want to treat mom, but are on a budget?

S: Of course! We offer a huge selection of bonus buys, which are fantastic gifts at varying lower price points to suit any budget. The prices on these items are so great, customers won’t need a coupon. One of our best-selling bonus buy items this Mother’s Day is this Effy Balissima Collection ring in sterling silver and 18k gold – for under $100! You won’t be able to find a price like that anywhere else. A couple of my other favorite bonus buys are these 0.25 ct diamond tennis bracelet and this tanzanite stud earrings. Simply gorgeous!

A: What pretty picks! What about for individuals who don’t have time to browse the department? They still want to get something special for mom, but have a packed schedule and are in a real crunch for time.

S: Our red box program is perfect for people with busy schedules. We understand life doesn’t always allow for 1 hour of shopping with an associate at the jewelry counter, so we created ready-to-give gifts in a red box tied with a bow. One of our most popular red box items this season is this .10 ct Diamond Cross Pendant. Our red box items usually come at similar compelling prices as Bonus Buys, so in addition to saving time, customers are getting a great deal as well.

A: Sounds like an awesome program, Sarah. Does the fine jewelry department offer any sort of insurance on items?

S: We certainly do. All customers have the option to purchase a 3 or 7-year Jewelry Protection Plan to insure their purchase from accidents, because life happens. Under the protection plan, we also offer the option for refurbishment: if a piece of jewelry needs polishing or the prongs need to be straightened, the customer can simply drop off her jewelry for refurbishment, completely covered under our protection plans. It’s a great program! Note: program is only available for purchase in stores.

A: That is great! You never know what might happen. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap up?

S: Yes! Since May is gold month, we have decided to celebrate with a special purchase-with-purchase. With any purchase of $79.99 or more, customers can purchase a pair of gold earrings valued at $100 for only $19.97. The customer saves over $80! It launches on Mother’s Day and runs through the month of May, while supplies last.

A: Thanks for the tip Sarah. I think we are all going to rush to the jewelry department now for a special gift for mom…and those gold earrings!

As you can see, we have quite the selection for fine jewelry pieces for mom. From budget buys, to classic diamond earrings, you will be sure to “wow” mom with a gift from our fine jewelry department during this Mother’s Day. What treasures will you find?

Ariana – Blogger
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