5 Colors to Welcome Spring

Fashion’s hottest colors for spring 2016? Look no further than these super-hot Pantone tones.

We all eagerly awaiting the Pantone colors of the year a few months ago — but the color experts introduced more than simply Rose Quartz and Serenity. And for the first time in years, the top 10 colors for spring 2016 — which also included Buttercup, Fiesta, Peach Echo, Limpet Shell, Lilac Grey, Green Flash, Snorkel Blue and Iced Coffee — are all unisex. No separate lists for men and women, perhaps a nod to the progression of gender equality. There’s no need to wait to test out these hot colors — you can find them now, in store and online. Here are a few ways to translate these tones, thanks to five fabulous spring dresses!

Fashion’s hottest colors for spring 2016? Look no further than these super-hot Pantone tones.

  1. Buttercup: This happy, sunny yellow welcomes spring with its stunning hue. The color is a statement, so be sure to pair with neutral shoes and accessories, like white or nude.
  1. Fiesta and Peach Echo: This vivid red and warm peach are perfectly reflected in this Vince Camuto floral frock. Warm and pretty, these colors are perfect for gals who want to feel pretty in peach and ravishing in red this spring. Pop the colors with white accessories; or go matchy-matchy for tone-on-tone fun.
  1. Lilac Grey: A gorgeous neutral and icy gray, this color is the new gray for spring. It’s all about light and ethereal, so keep the accessories simple and fresh. Want to go more street chic? Add a black shoe and bag for an it-girl vibe.
  2. Snorkel Blue: This bold yet serene deep blue is universally flattering. I love to pair it with metallic accessories to really make it pop! For a little fun, add a blue eyeliner to echo the stunning shade in your makeup.
  1. Iced Coffee: The color that Kim Kardashian made chic this fall is transitioning into spring as the new hot neutral. Sexy in shape-hugging dresses, or sweet in a sheath, it’s a color that looks amazing with a beachy tan. This look is better left neutral — and very chic when done as monochromatic.

What’s your color? There’s no doubt one of these fabulous hues will call to you this spring. Love bright colors? Try Fiesta or Buttercup. How about more serene? Serenity and Limpet Shell are for you. A neutral lover at heart? Iced Coffee and Lilac Grey were made for you! Now go get it, color fashionistas!

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