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Welcome to the #LoveStyle blog! I’m Abi – a digital marketing fiend and the editor of this fabulous blog by day, and just your typical gal the rest of the time. (Sorry if you had higher hopes for me…)

I’m guessing, I’m kinda like you.

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This is me In full-blown editing mode: Ear buds in. Cozy sweater on. Hair in a high bun… (yes, fashionably secured with a pencil.)

Every morning, I tell myself, “I WILL make it to the gym today,” a promise which I follow through on about 50% of the time.

I do my darndest to eat healthy, (you know… free of all that gluten, and fat, and sugar, and sugar substitutes, and carbs, and high fructose corn syrup, and dairy, and the list goes on…) but I’m totally guilty of polishing off an entire bag of jellybeans in a day.

Before bed I curl up with a good book then catch myself snoozing a page and a half in.

I strongly believe Saturday mornings are meant for sleeping in and Sunday nights are reserved for catching up on my DVR and binging on Pinterest.

My favorite times are spent catching up over coffee with friends or on a stroll with my fiance and pup.

I love the rush of a fabulous sale. The feeling when you’re checking out and the associate rings in all your coupons bringing that pair of $150 designer shoes down to $65 for the win!

Other notables: I rarely say no to a glass of red wine. I blush way too easily. You’ll rarely catch me without earrings or mascara. I laugh at my own jokes. Sharing makes me happy. I write best when jamming to the toe-tapping tunes, to which I occasionally sing along. My life goal is to be an awesome mom.

I am not a style expert or beauty buff. It’s more like I’m aspiring to be an aspiring fashionista… and I’m okay with that.

We brought on some pretty awesome and talented contributors to share all their tips and tricks with you. Jordan is here to school you with her fashion prowess and Florida will enlighten you with the very best beauty tips and tricks.

I’m here to make sure your voice gets heard. It’s my mission to inspire you with a lovely combination of aspirational, achievable and affordable style. Together, we’ll breakdown the most-loved and talked about trends, teach you how to recreate them on a budget, and inspire you to look and, most importantly, feel your finest.

  • Meet Abi 2
    Playing around with Google Glass. #NerdAlert
  • Meet Abi 3
    Me and my, darling fiance, Spencer.
  • Meet Abi 4
    Out for a jog with my pup, Rollie! (He was not thrilled about me snapping this selfie)
  • Meet Abi 4
    I’m a Scrabble fiend.

Abi – Editor

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