12.14 MM Feature

Manic Monday: “Jewelry” by Sofia Vergara

The holiday season is really heating up, and I’m really getting in the spirit. I can’t put together an outfit without a little extra sparkle. Turns out I’m not alone in my love for bling. Actress Sofia Vergara says she loves jewelry and sparkle so much, that if she had it her way, she’d look like a Christmas tree. How’s that for holiday spirit? Happy Manic Monday, everyone. Hope it’s merry and bright!
12.7 MM Feature

Manic Monday: “Beauty” by Diane Von Furstenburg

Often times I feel the need to keep up the perfect beauty routine, but Diane Von Furstenburg doesn’t think that beauty has anything to do with skillfully applied eyeliner or the right shade of lipstick (though I appreciate both), but rather beauty is the sum of greater traits like intelligence, strength and character. And I happen to think that’s a great definition. Happy Manic Monday!
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