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Office Fashion for the 20-something

Starting a new job can be an emotional rollercoaster--from your first day, to your first big project, to getting to know everyone on the team, it can be a lot to take in and handle. Many women also find themselves grappling with the issue of what on earth they should be wearing to the office everyday, especially if this is your first job and there's no company uniform. Don't fret, because getting dressed in the morning doesn't have to be such a headache! The key to a perfect office outfit is to meld elements of your personal style with clean cut, sophisticated pieces for a look that speaks to both your unique personality and professional abilities.
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Festival Style: Flannel

Adding plaid flanel to your look is an on-trend way to sport an edgier festival vibe, with the added bonus of an extra layer when the temps drop at night! I love tying a flannel around my waist as an accessory element during the day, and then layering it on top of my shirt once the sun goes down. To nail this look, choose a color theme and stick to it.
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Festival Style: Fringe

To festival veterans, this topic should come as no surprise--there are a few words and phrases that are practically synonymous with "festival style," and "fringe" is definitely one of them. Fringe items exude that carefree, effortless summer vibe that festival style is all about. An outfit can go from basic to stylin' with the simple addition of a fringed item, like a bag, top, or in this case, a cute crochet vest. The topper adds sass and style without adding sleeves--the key to keeping your cool at festivals is to eliminate heavy clothing items and unnecessary fabric.
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