From the Desk of Faryn

From the Desk of Faryn Jahnke

Faryn Jahnke works at our home offices here in Milwaukee as a Digital Project Coordinator. With recent added responsibilities, she is an absolute asset to her team to getting work pushed out the door in a timely manner, by coordinating multiple teams on projects and deadlines. She is sweet as can be, knows her style and is the type of person that leaves you a little happier, after your paths cross. She is happily married and glows about her husband--they are what relationship goals are all about, and seem like a match made in heaven.
From the Desk of Erika

From the Desk of Erika Burghardt

Erika Burghardt works at our corporate offices in the Young Contemporary Buying office. She works hard with vendors and her co-workers to get the best products out there for our young contemporary shopper. She is a walking fashionista and literally wears her work on her sleeve (or her whole outfit!). She radiates style + positiveness and people glow about working with her!
From the Desk of Sarah Koller

From the Desk of Sarah Koller

Sarah Koller works at our corporate offices in the Marketing Department as a Digital Marketing Specialist. She is part of the brains and creativity behind our email program, and works with a variety of team-members to push out awesome + relevant emails to our customers. We sat down with her and asked her to share of few of her favorite things and her love for home, family and fashion!
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