10 Things I Wish I’d Registered For

We went right to the source, newlyweds, for any insights on what they wish they would have included on their wedding registry!

Things I Wish I Registered For My WeddingCreating a wedding registry is an exciting journey for couples tying the knot. It’s also an awesome opportunity for family and friends surrounding the couple to rally behind and help them start their journey together.

By equipping your registry with quality, practical items, your guests will be excited to shower you with exactly what you want.

You get one shot to add to your space and home with exactly what you like, and we want to help you make it perfect! We asked the experts themselves, newlyweds, what they wish they would have included on their registry after it was all said and done.

We compiled the top ten items that were on most people’s lists, and hope you find inspiration if you’re planning your own registry!

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  1. Dutch Oven: This is a true gem to have in your kitchen arsenal, and often flies under the radar. It is a versatile all-in-one cooker that can cook anything from a pot-pie to a pizza.
  2. High Thread Count Sheet Sets: We’ve heard from multiple newlyweds that they kept sheets off their registry, only to wish they would have included them. Our advice: Add two quality sheet sets per bed in your home, that are 300-400 thread count. You’ll be happy you did!
  3. Vacuum: It’s not the most glamorous registry item, and can be a higher ticket item, so many couples opt to skip adding it to their registry. If you don’t already have a great vacuum, make sure to find a vacuum that fits your needs (pets, hard-wood floors, carpet) and add it to your registry!
  4. Storage & Organization: The key to a happy marriage? Organization! (among a few other things :) ) Newlyweds advise going through your home, room by room and identifying opportunities to organize, then adding the key pieces right to your registry. Need a shoe storage solution? Add it! Need winter clothes storage? Add it!
  5. Quality Knife Set: Stay sharp and make sure your registry includes a quality, complete knife set. Price points can scare couples away from this, but keep in mind guests can go in on this must-have gift together.
  6. Stainless Steel Cookware Set: Now is the time to choose quality over quantity. We’ve heard over and over, that couples add too many cookware pieces to their registry, instead of focusing on one quality set. Try to steer clear of adding too many fry pans, or repeat items. You can’t go wrong with stainless steel–get cooking!
  7. Cast Iron Skillet: This was almost on every newlywed’s list of what they forgot to add to their registry. It’s a super-star both in and out of the kitchen—think camping and more. Find a pre-seasoned skillet, and you’ll find yourself eager to use it right away!
  8. Seasonal Decor: If you have a summer wedding date, don’t be afraid to add a few summer home accessories and decor. Winter wedding? Add a few key holiday home pieces. Guests will love seeing the doormat or wreath on your front porch they gifted you + you will treasure them even more and they will love giving them!
  9. Fine China: Fine China has fallen off most couple’s radar, and many are sticking with casual dinnerware for their day-to-day dining and entertaining needs. In hindsight, many newlyweds wish they would have added fine china for special occasions, and something they can pass on to their children. We recommend starting with four place settings and bumping it up to eight, based on your personal household.
  10. Outdoor Gear: Guests love to give a gift they know you’ll use. If you and your hubby-t0-be love camping, then add a tent and camping accessories to your registry. If quality time means going on a hike, put awesome water-bottles or backpacks on your registry. Couples always wish they would have added a couple niche items to their registry; nows the time to do it!

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