You Can Do It: DIY First Snow Nail Art

Up your winter mani game with easy nail art using essie’s Winter Collection.

Around the holidays, my wardrobe and my beauty routine get a festive makeover – more sparkle, more shine, more gold. I want to make sure that my look says holiday cheer from head to toe to fingertips. That’s where the new Winter Collection from essie comes in. This group of shades keeps my mani game on point and perfectly seasonal.


To really get my manicure to say festive fashionista, I decided to try out a few shades and create some easy first snow-inspired nail art. To get this look, I grabbed two of essie’s winter shades – Shall We Chalet? and Peak Show – and my favorite go-to product: essie Gel-Setter. Seriously, this is a miracle product. This topcoat gives you a gel manicure-like finish and makes your at-home manicure last for days and days and days.


But we’ll get back to that awesome Gel-Setter after I show you the basics of this snowy manicure. To start, paint your nails – with the exception of your ring fingers – with two coats of pale pink Peak Show. Then give your statement nails a swipe of Shall we Chalet?


When the color is set, you’ll want to create your polka dot snowflakes. To get even spots, you can make your own manicure tool by pushing a pin into a pencil eraser. Brush the pinhead with a little polish and test it on scrap paper. This way you can get a feel for how much product you need to create the size dots you’re looking for. Once you feel comfortable with the dots, dab on your nails until you achieve the look you want.


When all your polish is dry, brush with a coat of Gel-Setter. With a good coat, your mani should last all week long without scratches or chips. I’m on day five right now, and it looks just as good as the day I applied – a big deal for a crafter who’s hard on her hands. I think I’m in love.


This is simple DIY nail art look, but I think it’s perfectly festive for the start of the holiday season, plus it’s giving me all those warm and fuzzy first snow vibes. :)


Hope this inspires your at-home manicure routine! I’ll be back soon with a New Year’s inspired look using a few more of the essie Winter Collection.

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