Sparkling Spring Fragrances

Feeling fresh, sexy, romantic or fierce? There's a spring fragrance for that.

Every fragrance has a story to tell, evokes an emotion that can live on forever. Waking up in the morning feeling sensual and radiant. Breezing into a party feeling flirty and playful. Falling in love. You’re best day ever, when you feel witty and joyful, feminine and flirty. There are fragrances for all of these glorious moods. Whether you want to be provocative, exotic, or full of goddess, I recommend you have a scent to match your wonderful array of emotions.

I always say finding a scent you love is like finding a great wardrobe basic. So, add two or more fragrances to your repertoire and start creating your own unforgettable store with fragrances.


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  1. Jimmy Choo® L’Eau – “Sensual & Radiant”

    Set your spirit free with this soft, feminine new fragrance by Jimmy Choo. It’s so soft and sweet, but don’t be fooled, it’s also seductive and irresistible. Be delicate, yet powerfully feminine at the same time any time you want.

  2. Tory Burch® Love Relentlessly – “Falling in Love”

    Every fragrance collection has to have one scent that’s just about falling in love. And the new Tory Burch has captured that emotion in this gorgeous blend. It’s euphoric and glorious, like a full bouquet. Get that head-over-heels, feet-don’t-touch-the-ground feeling every time you wear it. Love is grand!

  3. Chloe® Love Story – “Playful & Feminine”

    Sometimes you’re subtle, sincere, relaxed and tender. This is the fragrance for those low-key weekend days and nights. Soft, gentle and easy with the sensuality of fruity florals. Your fragrance can be as relaxed and laid back as you are and still be gorgeous.

  4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Kiss – “Flirty & Playful”

    When you want to evoke fun, flirty and playful, spritz this lovely scent on and seize the day with all its glorious adventures! It’s a fruity floral that takes you from the beach to the summer block party to girls day out. Your infectious, playful spirt will be impossible to resist.

  5. Michael Kors® Sexy Blossom – “Feminine & Flirty”

    The art of flirting is greatly enhanced by this artful fragrance from Michael Kors. It evokes Spring and romance and fresh blossoms just waiting to beguile someone. Set your feminine, flirty girl free and watch your days go from dull to delicious!

  6. Givenchy® Live Irresistible – “Witty & Joyful”

    Every woman wants to be irresistible. So, make it happen with this new fragrance from Givenchy. Happy, adventurous, fun, mischievously spicy…this scent will remind him of your bright smile and the way you sparkle when you’re just being you! Life is too short to not be irresistible to someone!

  7. Versace® Bright Crystal – “World Traveler”

    Adventurous, modern, independent and luminous. You want a fragrance that exudes confidence like you do. This new juicy confection from Versace is just the thing. A strong sensual woman should never be without it. Whether you’re traveling the world or running errands, this scent is a must for your collection.

  8. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess – “Goddess”

    For those times that you want to captivate, this fragrance will become your signature Alluring, sunny, summery and sizzling. This scent will turn up the heat wherever you go.

  9. DKNY Be Tempted – “Provocative”

    You live to provoke. You’re thought provoking, challenging and he’s mesmerized by your singular beauty and your adventurous alluring style. Nothing is more unforgettable than a woman who is exciting. Bring out your inner diva with this new DKNY fragrance.

You’re a complex creature filled with emotion, moods and many facets. Your favorite fragrance should reflect those gorgeous parts of you. Create a mood, change the mood, embrace all of your beautiful emotions with these must-have scents.

Florida – Beauty Expert
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