Introducing: mudpie

Facts: I love a great pun, I love a great meal, and I love something with a place and purpose. Mudpie, our newest brand to join the ranks on our website has all of these amazing traits wrapped up in one! In queso you are wondering how to use these adorable products, we've rounded up a few sure fire ways to show them off, while putting a smile on your face! Heading to a party? Give a hostess gift they are sure to remember. Bring a the unforgettable bread serving dish, with a pre cut up piece of bread, and you're sure to have a conversation starter! Make some homemade queso dip, and treat your host/hostess to both the yummy dip, and bowl to go with it! Hosting a party? Add a little sass to your cheese plate with these adorable spreaders. Just make sure you're not eating when you read the funny sayings. Example: "Holy strawberries, we're in a jam!"
From the Desk of Lindsey

From the Desk of Lindsey

Lindsey works in our home offices here in Milwaukee as a Dresses Buyer. She is the gal behind our amazing line of dresses in our stores and online, and whose style and expertise we rely on to get our customers (including us!) dress-ed for any occasion. She is always busy at work, leading her team from start to finish to get an amazing product hung up and ready for you! Her fashion sense is out-out-this-world and always dresses with polish and poise. Her style makes you rush to channel your inner fashionista, and attempt to pull off an outfit she wore! She picked a few of her favorite things on our website, check those out above! Below, read more about her day-to-day life at Bon-Ton, and what she finds joy in....get inspired!
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Holiday Home Decor Must-Haves

December is right around the corner, which means the three "h's" are here as well! Holidays, Hosting and Happiness. Whether you are looking to add a couple new items to your decorating arsenal, or are wanting a complete new look, we are here to help! First things first, get a feel for what you have for decor right now-- put it all out and take stock of what you love, and what you would rather donate for another family to enjoy. Organize with bins and label them, so next year you can get to those treasured decor items easily! Go through our top four categories below, and picture how you could use them in your home to give your space a little more sparkle and joy this holiday season!
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