Le Tigre Summer Styles

Looking to fill your closet for summer with whimsical prints (think pelicans and pineapples) and bright colors in preppy silhouettes? Then look no further than our newest arrivals from Le Tigre. This brand embodies the feeling of a summer spent on the shore. Check out the fun video, get inspired, and shop all of our Le Tigre offerings!

2017 Swimsuit Trends

Shopping for swimwear is so exciting, because it means the weather is finally warming up and we're getting closer and closer to summer. This year in swimsuit trends, we've been seeing lots of muted tones, solid colors, and big brand logos. Also, 2017 is officially the year of the one-piece swimsuit - you will see this trend on every beach and pool deck this summer! Ready to dive into our top swimsuit picks for the season?

Gifts for Mom on the Go

We all know her - the mom who seems to do accomplish a million and one things in one day, while still managing to drop the kids off at practice and serve dinner at 6:30 pm on the dot without breaking a nail. Some moms can't help but wonder, "what's her secret?!" No, she doesn't have superpowers - rather, she knows the importance of shortcuts and time-savers. Five minutes here and ten minutes there can really add up over the course of a day. And thirty extra minutes, to a mother, can mean the world! If your mom is always on the go, or needs to incorporate some time-saving tricks into her own life, look no future than this gift guide.

Fine Jewelry Guide

Let's face it - nobody goes shopping for a Mother's Day gift wanting to get something "average" for mom. You want a gift as special as her, something that sparkles and glows, just like she does. If you're looking for a gift with serious wow-factor, then look no further than our Fine Jewelry department. Never shopped for fine jewelry? We understand that you may have questions about the right kind of gift for mom, or if you can fit it into your budget. In order to navigate the world of fine jewelry with ease, we sat down with a seasoned fine jewelry associate, Sarah, to answer some questions we had on how to pick the right piece of jewelry for Mother's Day.
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